Breath therapies on the Kaz Mount ...

Kubilay AKTAŞ has established a circle of consciousness.

It was with great pleasure that we hosted our trainers.

The first Access Basic Level Foundation Training completed.

The free-of-charge introductory seminar of World of Scents has been held with the contribution of Bihter Türkan ERGÜL, scent expert.

The seminar of the Flower of Life held for the first time at the Gulf. Thank you Kubilay AKTAŞ

17 April Access Bars free-of-charge introductory seminar

Access Bars Operator Training with certification

All the personnel of Altıner trained in Access Bars

First certificates regarding Access Bars Operator Training awarded.

First-ever Ashure Day held in Altınoluk ...

10 January 2016 – Our First Free-of-Charge Access Bars Seminar held.

With the contribution of Ferhat DURAN & Pervin CÜLCÜLOĞLU ...